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What Does Leather Conditioner Do?

Leather is quite an expensive product. It is durable and strong yet it is still prone to dirt, and wear and tear. That is why it is always important to keep your leather clean and protected at all times. Keeping it in great condition will not only keep it clean but will extend its life as well. By u…

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How To Clean A Leather Wallet

Why should you clean your leather wallet? Leather wallets are one of the many items used every day my mostly everyone. It is convenient and can fit in any bag or back pocket. However, because of its everyday use wallets are prone to wear and tear. Even wallets that are made out of leather are no exc…

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How To Make Leather

You are holding your leather bag. It's heavy and full of bulky things. The weight does not concern you one bit. You think to yourself “it is made of leather, it's super durable and strong. There is no way it would break”. You may be wondering how did it get that strong and durable? Where does leathe…

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How Long Does Leather Last?

What is leather?

Leather is a kind of natural fabric made commonly from animal skins like cows, goats or buffalos. It is a very popular material for being light yet strong, flexible yet durable. Because of its great characteristics, this material can be transformed into a variety of things. Things li…

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What Is A Tote Bag?

The Tote Bag

To put it simply, a tote bag is a large bag with lengthy parallel straps emerging from its sides. It is usually open at the top without any drawstring or zipper to close. Some designs, however, feature magnets to secure the items inside the bag.

It is also worth noting that totes bags typ…

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What Is A Duffel Bag?

What Is A Duffel Bag?

A duffel bag is a cylindrical, top-entry bag. A tough and thick natural fabric such as leather or woolen cloth made up the original design. Typically, a drawstring closes off the bag's opening. Today, while most are still cylindrical in shape, some duffel bags are no longer top-…

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