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What is a Satchel?

The Gustav Messenger BagAren’t bags sometimes confusing? They look similar yet they have different names and furthermore have different kinds of uses and functions. Get to know more about bags, particularly with satchels. Get to know what similarities does a satchel has with other bags, and …

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Why Is It Called A Dopp Kit?

Have you ever heard of a Dopp kit? No? Well, it is quite popular however its name is quite not familiar to many. Now you may be asking if it is so popular what is it exactly? Moreover, why is it called a Dopp kit, to begin with? To answer these questions it is only right that we dive into …

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What Is Vintage Leather?

We all know what leather is. It is a very versatile material with many qualities. We know that leather is strong as it is able to carry heavy things. Likewise, leather is durable as it withstands high levels of stress. Furthermore, the leather is beautiful. Vintage leather to be more specific. Howev…

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How to Dye Leather

Sounds like a task for leather artisans? However, you can do it too. It is not as hard as you think. Indeed, dyeing leather is an easy task. With the right tools and the right guide, you will be dyeing leather in no time. Whether you are planning to dye an old leather bag or working on an unfinished…

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Vegetable Tanning VS Chrome Tanning

Vegetable tanning vs Chrome tanning. Two methods of turning animal skin into leather. While these two methods have one goal which is to turn animals hide into leather they are different in some ways. For instance, the vegetable method uses purely organic material. On the other hand, the chrome metho…

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What Is Leather Patina

Love at first sight. There is no mistaking it. You see a leather bag and you fell in love instantly. Leather is strong and likewise durable. But most importantly, it is beautiful. Like a fine wine, leather ages beautifully. But what makes leather so beautiful? The answer is simple: leather p…

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