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How to Disinfect Leather

Germs, bacteria, viruses are found everywhere. And the worst thing is...We can’t even see them with our bare eyes! It’s like fighting with an invisible enemy. With the Corona Virus shaking the whole world, it is important to take extra precautionary measures. This can leave you wondering, how to di…

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What is Suede?

As you go around shopping reading fashion magazines, we encounter the term Suede. Although we may have an idea what it is, what exactly is it? How is it different from full-grain leather? In the succeeding sections, we will be giving you all the information you need.What is Suede?Suede is a …

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Does Real Leather Peel?

Does Real Leather Peel and Why?Does Real Leather Peel?Good quality leather does not peel. When well taken care of, good quality leather lasts for a long time and remains beautiful for decades. However, not all leathers are created the same. Some leathers crack or peel even after a few uses, …

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Does Water Ruin Leather?

Does water ruin leather: What really happens

It is impossible to foresee the event that your favorite vintage leather bag, shoes, and other accessories would get wet. This may be caused by rain, water spills, puddles, or even carelessness from strangers. A wet leather situation could literally pop ou…

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Can Leather Get Wet?

Can leather get wet and what should I do about it?

It’s a Monday, and you hurriedly get ready for work! You put on your shoes, hurriedly grabbed your leather bag, and other belongings. You are halfway to your office, when suddenly… it rained! Then you ask yourself, “Can leather get wet?” Well, of c…

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What is Vegetarian Leather | What is Vegan Leather

This is everything you need to know about Vegetarian Leather.Photographer: Vince Gx | Source: UnsplashSo what is Vegetarian Leather?Vegetarian leather, also known as Faux leather is a leather alternative that is not made from the hide of animals. It looks and feels like ordinary leather, but…

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Where Does Leather Come from?

What is Leather and where does it come from?

Leather products are found in all parts of the world. For some, owning leather products is regarded as a status symbolthe more exotic the animal hide used, the more expensive it is. However, most people do think of quality when they think of leather. …

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Buying a Quality Leather Bag? 3 Things to look for

When it comes to buying a quality leather bag as with every fashion accessory we have many options. There are many brands to choose between different styles, variety of prices, and of course, you want to make sure you get something good that is of quality, and that suits your needs for the investmen…

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