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Top 10 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men in 2021

If you own a laptop, leather laptop bags are one of the best bags money can buy. While there are ordinary laptop bags such as tote bags, messenger bags, and briefcases, nothing beats leather. However, honestly speaking, choosing the perfect leather laptop bag is not an easy task. You might face cert…

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Leather Problems: How to Get Ink Out of Leather?

Ink stains are the worst. Whether it be on your leather couch, your leather bag, or other leather items. If left untreated these ink stains will probably leave a permanent mark on your leather. Covering the ink stain up is not a good option. Far worst, you do not want to throw away expensive leather…

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Know Your Leather: Full Grain vs Top Grain

Full-grain vs top grain leather. Does the distinction even matter? As matter of fact, it does. While both full-grain and top grain leather are among the highest quality of leather, they still have their differences. We will therefore identify which is full-grain leather and which is top grain. Likew…

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What Is a Weekender?

It’s the weekend! You know what that means: time to pack up the car and head out into the countryside. But what to take? Should you take the big suitcase, even though you know you won’t use all of the clothes it contains? Or should you take a smaller bag, even though you risk not having enough room …

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